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Welcome To Dot Computers

Dot Computer Institute is one of the fastest-growing education groups in Andhra Pradesh who have not compromised on the quality, which is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. We ensure that the students are well equipped with the necessary technical skills to meet global standards. We have developed a system and environment with the view to motivate the students to pursue their studies in a conducive manner. DCI guides and promotes positive thinking, self-confidence, and leadership amongst the students of the Institute. DCI is a leading Education & Training institute based in AP (India) DCI provides many opportunities to the Faculty, staff, and students of the Institute for their professional and educational development. As excellence is embedded in the very core of DCI principles, it provides quality computer education at an affordable fee to all its students.

We aim to fulfill our mission by providing great computer skills to students in need. To provide, affiliate upbringing is about the excellence of higher education, analysis, and entrepreneurship for all aspiring students, enabling them to face the global challenges of maintaining high moral and ethical standards. Importing data and coaching in new technologies and in various fascinating fields, young and recent, intellectual and uneducated are highly educated and not cheap, many exploitative advanced tools available to empower people

The focus of this institute is to provide quality computer education in every batch of students. The purpose, goal, and drive of this organization is to equip the student with the most excellent computer skills so that he can work with clarity and efficiency in the modern world and create the right environment for the student to develop as a fully technologically skilled professional. In addition, searching and developing new software packages that contribute to the country progress. The main goal is to provide customers with quick and satisfying services to develop and maintain good relationships with customers. We also want to move towards the great and attractive field of web designing.

Our Team